FAQ: Online gambling

Film, music, and video games may leave you entertained, but no other form of 21st century entertainment keeps you coming back for more quite like online casino gaming. Big prizes and even bigger thrills are found within the online realm, so it is easy to see why people can’t get enough. While there sure is a lot to love about the act of gambling online, it does raise plenty of questions. These questions range from the nonsensical to the ever important, with the following answering questions related to online casino operations.

How do online casinos make profit?

An online casino, while it may not look like it, is run just like any other business. It is structured to gain profit over the short term and the long term, and if it doesn’t it isn’t able to remain operational. While there is something to be said for on-site advertising rates and site hits, online casinos make the real money from besting their members. Real money games (or cash games) are what drive online casinos forward in terms of financial gains. Putting in simply, the online casino you play at makes money when you lose.

What is the house edge?

Furthering on the above, the house edge is the key reason why online casinos do in fact make money. The house edge focuses on both mathematics and the theory of probability, with the latter often calculated through total bets on a game. The house edge concept is relatively simple when you think about it. Taking European Roulette as an example in this instance. In such game there are 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers, and 1 green zero. When you be on red the payout is 1:1, so bet £10 and you will get £20 back should you win, £10 original stake and £10 winnings. The trick is that players think that it more or less a 50/50 shot, but that’s not the case. As when you do the math you’ll find that it is actually less than that, so much so that the game has 2.7% house edge, meaning that the odds aren’t as favourable as you may have first envisioned. To learn more about Roulette and the house edge, pay a visit to freespins.uk.com, as they have a full guide to how the game works and how to limit the house edge by employing various strategies. House edge is what makes online casinos profitable, so always be wary of it.

What is game variance?

Variance refers to the short-term outcome of games in terms of both house edge and RTP. In reality, while you may not have heard of variance before it is actually the element that makes online casino games interesting, because without it all games would pretty much play out the same way. Variance is graded on scale, low variance is the games that are going to payout less, but will be much kinder to your bankroll and your patience. High variance games are games the place risk and reward above all else. Such games are going to put players nerve to the test, but should said player be lucky then they made find themselves winning big.

Online casino scams to watch out for

It’s an industry that is ballooning in size, as the world has undoubtedly fallen in love with the act of online casino gaming. Arriving to little fanfare back in the late 1990s, online casino gaming didn’t exactly set the world on fire back in the day. Times have changed and it looks like the industry is now reaching its peak, which means that there are definitely exciting times ahead. However, it seems that there are certain individuals within the field who are hell-bent on holding the industry back. It is these individuals that are looking to profit from illicit means. Scams seem to have become a major issue within the online casino industry, with warnings related to them posted on online casino portals throughout the world. Players need to make sure that their guard is up in 2015, with the following scams being particularly notorious for their nastiness.

Game Fixing

This is the oldest casino scam in the world and one that is still prominent in today’s digital era. If you choose to gamble at a regulated and licensed online casino, you needn’t have any real concerns about game fixing, should you choose to gamble elsewhere you need to be sharp. If an online casino operates outside of regulation then they can truly set their own rules, which can be create problems. They can provide any games they wish, which allows them to side-step RNG implementation. Be wary, as fixed games look exactly like normal online slot games, but what lurks behind them is a scam that will take your money more often than not.

Unfair Small Print

This is something that occurs at both regulated and unregulated casinos and has caught out even the wisest of players. The small print attached to an online casino registration form is always going to be unfair to an extent, but some are much worse than others. In fact, some online casinos utilise terms and conditions that more or less rob players’ blind. In the worst cases there are online casinos that have used the small print to trick players into signing up to some truly awful things, including giving up a cut of winnings to signing up to a line of credit. It is absolutely pivotal that all players go over all online casino small print with a fine toothcomb before they sign-up to anything. This is the only way to make sure that you aren’t caught out by any tricks and scams the lie with an online casino’s terms and conditions. If you opt to not read the small print, then in many instances you are simply asking for trouble.

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Slow Pay and/or No Pay

Another classic scam that many unregulated online casinos like to implement relates to slow pay and/or no pay. It is a notorious classic in many regards, as it allows players to gamble with no real possibility of getting their hands on anything they win. In most cases an online casino player won’t even know that they been hit by a slow pay and/or no pay until it’s too late. The common signs of this are delayed withdrawals, blocked withdrawals, and consistent trouble when it comes to withdrawing even the smallest amount of money. This scam is designed to do one thing, it is designed to make sure that you freely deposit, but never see that money again.